Unknown – Vishana Gajadhar


My work embodies fear, worry and anxiety which are all the qualities of anxiety disorders. I am a victim of one of these disorders; therefore I know the severity of living with such conditions. Anxiety disorders have been proven to be substantial in human history. However, societies tend to overlook these issues, concluding that these disorders are nothing but a very small factor. I am interested in bringing awareness to this delicate yet serious matter.

I have combined sound in my work because of the fascinating advances in understanding why our ears and emotions have such a strong bond. In addition to sound producing powerful reactions in the listener, it correlates well with movement. This sound and motion are allowed to influence each other. Hence, cryptic movements are incorporated into my installation to create visual impact. I utilized cloth in my artwork as it best conveys the disabling qualities of these disorders. I draw on the work of artist Chiharu Shiota whose work on similar themes, incorporate black thread which reminds me of being trapped in spider webs. I use a thick black cloth as an inescapable material. The look of my creation is abstract. This allows the viewer to be subjective and conjure any mysterious fear they think can devour them. The artwork is six feet by six feet which is surrounded by a one foot board frame. This size enables the viewer to absorb all the experiences of my creation as they walk on the board frame feeling the vibrations of movement beneath their feet. The artwork’s location on the floor creates the impression of a mysterious dark hole. My installation is intended to shed light on how and what can create anxiety.


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