Shanna’s SOUND LOG 11/3/16 — Shanna Sookhram


Shanna’s SOUND LOG 11/3/16

My piece is a log of sounds in my environment. I experiment with field sounds and recordings within my daily environment. My three pieces represents sounds taken on March 11th 2016. These sounds were recorded by the doubles vendor, in school and at the beach. It is a timeline of the sounds I encounter daily, specifically on March 11th, 2016.

I investigate the visualization of sound and I record my everyday environment observing how sounds around me interact and interplay with each other and the ways sounds and memory link. I work with mixed media and explore the use of natural and environmental elements such as leaves, stone and wood, materials taken from each recorded environment. Our interpretation of sounds are very much based on our perception and associations with memories of a particular place and time, our environment has a definite part to play in how we reflect on, internalise and associate sound. I am relating sound contours with visual contours based on Neuroscience and memory links to achieve this.

— Shanna Sookhram


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