Ryan Huggins

Combining principles of design and horticulture for therapy methodology, I stage green spaces in keeping with such contemporary art practices as Bio Art and Living Art.

Through an attention to the color, shape and form of various plants, I build a display to stimulate a feeling of escape from the everyday noise and stresses of the environment.

I want others to travel through a visual narrative of my own relationships to and perspective on plants while experiencing their own responses and connections. My goal is to create a plant-dominated environment purposefully designed to facilitate interaction with the healing elements of nature.

Ryan_2Ryan_1Image 1-6-16 at 1.56 PM (1)

Image 1-6-16 at 1.57 PMImage 1-6-16 at 1.57 PM (1)


IMG_8497IMG_8494IMG_8496IMG_3277IMG_3276 (1)IMG_20160212_111253_hdrIMG_20160212_111406_hdrIMG_8255


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