Mind Games: The Transforming Memory Box for Dementia Patients.

The Concept

My intention is to create a product that may be used for the collection of personal items for patients suffering from Dementia. However it is not only to be used for the collection of items.

It is intended to be interactive allowing for activity between patient and product as well as patient and another person. It incorporates the use of motor skills allowing for brain activity as well as tactile, audio and visual stimulation; allowing for the evoking of memories.

It is a simple box comprising of 8 cubes. The box takes on various transformations and this allows for the hand-eye activity.


Inside each cube is a different “surprise”.

Due to the nature of the Dementia disease specific colour combinations were used. From my research I found out that high contrasts appeal more to the patients as it helps for them to see objects better as the disease affects eyesight. This is why there was the repeated use of complimentary colour combination choices.

The materials used inside allows for the different senses to be involved in the accessing of memories, ie sight (ophthalmoception), hearing (audioception) and touch (tactioception).


IMG_20160405_142438IMG_20160405_142513IMG_20160405_142919IMG_20160331_035807IMG_20160331_035747 (1)IMG_20160331_035821 (1)IMG_20160331_035728IMG_20160331_023215

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