The Nine-To-Five Zone — Janeene

Design is fluid, it is constantly changing; hence the reason for new designs. My artwork gives my perspective and critical view of a workstation and its functionalities. I use my experiences; the things that surrounds us to reproduce a reflection of familiar images, arranging and combining them into a fresh conceptually layered piece of art. The light teak stain establishes a natural quality, suggesting notions of lightness, calmness and safety.

During the semester, I practiced using a variety of mediums and processes in the prototypes. Although there may not always be similarities with respect to material between the prototypes, they were linked by the recurring functionalities.

This collection of work grew out of life experiences and observation of the work spaces that I use. Choosing more natural elements, was a personal goal in the production of this piece of art. However on completion, I truly believed I achieved the task of creating a practical workstation.

— Janeene Simon

The Nine-to-five-zone is a work station designed to store books and do school work individually or with group members.

A Set of working drawings


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