EcoWear — Chelsea Anne Claverie

I want to address the problem of depletion of the sea environment and the absence of a cultural identity in Chaguaramas, Trinidad. Through innovation, collaboration (CDA, CNIRD) and reusable methods, my brand, “EcoWear”, aims at using jewelry design as a tool for social and environmental change. A tool that explores the synergy between design and sustainability.


With the process of community empowerment and conservation explorations, the creation of a platform for product and service design with highlighted aspects geared towards a viable ecosystem.

— Chelsea Anne Claverie


  • Conduct a combination of research methods to gain information on the environment and communities.
  • The creation of a Non-Profit Organization.
  • Conduct a series of environmental restorations regularly in the area of Chaguaramas.
  • Reuse and recycle a percentage of found material in the manipulation of a product.
  • Reinvest a percentage of proceeds to the Non-profit Organization to ensure longevity of social and environmental awareness.


Modern. Sustainable. Ecological. With its distinct line of environmentally friendly products, EcoWear is the place for persons who seek social change and express a cultural identity. It’s for those who are defined by a confident, ecological awareness and display a passion for renewable mind-set.

logo and charm.jpg

An identity that memorable, that showcases its reliable supply of items to customers in demand of “recyclable items”. The brand is more than just a logo. It’s made up of visual elements and message points that convey a definition about who we are- from the fonts and imagery that is chosen, to the way the company described and represented. The identifying elements, such as the charm, is used to visually represent the EcoWear brand and it is used to tell a brands story through a very distinct point of view or perspective.


EcoWear exclusively focus on the dynamic between fashion and sustainability which serve as vessels for social change in the environment of Chaguaramas .The creation of a product and service, EcoWear showcases beach combed debris such as sea glass, a variety of driftwood and other organic materials such as seedpods, indigenous flora and foliage incase in resin. Incorporating this ‘waste’ into precious objects highlights what I view as precious and what we view as disposable.











IMG_20160330_022202.jpgimages (4) copy






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