I believe that Art is a voice meant to inform and inspire, while on the other hand, Design is a mechanism for solutions and satisfaction. Inspired by the wonders of my environment, my work seeks to motivate and be reminiscent of various experiences. It relates to the audience on their own level, in a very uncomplicated but intimate manner. My intent in the process of this work has been to collaborate my skills in weaving, costume fabrication and product design, to create items that are reflective of elements of Caribbean culture.

is the headline piece in a collection of lighting fixture designs, which combining West Indian familiar imagery, techniques and materials to create an aesthetic that arouses a sense of Caribbean euphoria. This ceiling lamp is inspired by the sea hibiscus and seaside sunset. Its semi-abstracted form depicts sea hibiscus branches and a flower, hanging over the sea’s edge and a cluster of lighting bugs. The piece thus conveys a tranquil scene, not of a sunset but rather, the sun setting.


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