Social Space – Caron



What is a social space?

A place where people interact whether it be informal, as resting place or a place to eat or a formal area where people come together to collaborate and host meetings.

Artist Statement

Currently on the DCFA campus located on Gordon Street, there is a lack of place for students to call their own, leaving the students to make their own in various locations on campus. As a student, I have decided to take up the challenge of creating a space for DCFA students. My aim is to create one central area where students can come together, collaborate, rest and create stronger bonds between students of different years.

The Location

The location of this social space shall be on the DCFA Gordon Street Campus in the centre of the surrounding area. This area was chosen because it is the central hub of the students. It is closest to: nearby bathroom facilities, the cafeteria and the ICT lab which are popular destinations by students on a day to day basis. With this in mind, I chose this as an ideal spot to comfortably hosts students.


Photo 1: View of space from an upper level


Space Currently

Photo collection 1: views of space from different angles



First Draft of Idea

Program: Sketchup Make 2015

Photo collection 2: Hedge Layout Concept

The space features:

  • Hedges – For added greenery and making the space more intimate
  • Walkways – To accommodate for high traffic areas
  • Various Seating – From collaborative to informal to private
  • Spiral Staircase -To accommodate more space.
  • Gravel – To make the space traversable even if rain has fallen.




Photo 12: Above Ground Roots

Second Idea: Use of decks

Currently on the DCFA campus in my suggested social space location, there is a problem with above ground roots from the trees. These roots are approximately 3-4 inches above ground and it is a constant routine to avoid them when traversing the space. If one is not careful, tripping can be a consequence.

As a solution to this I decided to use decks in my design to help remedy the situation.

In the design the decks radius of the deck is the same length of the longest root (9 feet from the trunk) Providing a platform for students to relax under the shade of the trees.

The original idea for the decks were to be circular but was further refined to be a hexagonal shape instead. It provided a better appeal with the integration of the diagonal shortcut across the space.

Progress 07-08/03/16

Photo collection 3: Deck shape changes


Progress 12-13/03/16

Photo collection 4: Landscaping and Seating

After consultation and my own personal preference, I decided that the space was a bit too rigid and geometric. The curvy path way of the first deck design was incorporated into the geometric design to provide contrast, as well as the use of less rectangular hedging.

Progress 21/03/16


20160323 Deck layout 3-04 wip 220160316 Deck layout 3-04 wip 1

Photo collection 5: Use of a serpentine pathway for contrast


  • Seating was made from the deck itself for a more unified feeling.
  • Additional seating was placed at the side of the decks to provide students with a choice of sitting on the deck or on the gravel.


Design elements/Aesthetics

  • Plants for colour/variety
  • Stone/brick pathways
  • Mosaic wall – Comprising of various concrete tiles that are found on campus. These tiles are past projects done by the students of DCFA art students
  • Pathway lights/Space lights- for night usage and night students

Photo collection 6: examples of aesthetic additions

Progress 25-27/03/2016

Photo collection 7: More additions

Focusing on the areas around the decks and the different uses for students of different party sizes

Seating areas and other additions:

  • Areas for people to eat (tables provided)
  • Area for a large collaboration (e.g.outdoor classes)
  • Area for single person use (mediation, alone time, personal space)
  • Area to admire the mosaic wall as well as provide clear cross communication with persons upstairs
  • A sheltered sinks area as well as a place to air dry used print screens

Photorealistic Rendered Images of Space

Program used: Kerkythea 2008


Other images



with people 1with people 2with people 3


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