Commemorating Old Mas – Xiamara

Carnival is a vibrant festival hosted every year by Trinidad & Tobago. Among the plethora of colorful Carnival characters, Traditional Mas characters remain the most iconic.

Old Mas was formed in the late 18th century. The slaves who could not participate in the English celebration formed their own version calling it ‘Canboulay’. Traditional Mas is an important part of both our culture and our history. In the present day Old Mas is survived by a few dedicated individuals who portray the characters. One instance of this is “D’Old Mas” event held every year at Agostini Street, St Augustine, UWI.

Unfortunately Old Mas is becoming obscure and as a result forgotten. To solve this problem and to commemorate Traditional Mas for current and future generations I have decided to create Old Mas figurines.

The Old Mas character focused upon was the Midnight Robber.


The Process

The initial idea was to create male and female versions of the Old Mas characters.

Sketches of the Figurine Designs

Box 1

Initial Package Design

Box Prints 1
But the idea of creating male and female figures was not well received. So changes were made to focus on representing the character as it is originally portrayed.


The Finished Midnight Robber Figure

Package Design

The Logo

These are sketches of the initial Logo Designs. Many sketches were done and different typefaces experimented with before a final Logo design was produced.

Logo Sketches #1

Logo 1

Logo Sketches #2

Logo 2a

Typefaces considered for the Logo

Logo 2a1

The Final Logo

Logo 2a2

The final logo used the type face Copprplgoth BT. A mask was incorporated over the M to further represent the Carnival theme.

Package Typeface

Various typefaces were experimented with before one was chosen to represent the text on the boxes.

Logo 2a3

Final Typefaces Chosen

Logo 2a4

Colour Picking

Various colours were looked at. Eventually 8 colours best representing the Old Mas characters was chosen.

Labels + Colour 01

Labels + Colour 02

The Final Product








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